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ECommerce is a package for Addon Nice Server v1.0
It adds e-commerce features to MS CRM via Addon Nice Server.

See ECommerce running here
Experience changing language or currency, adding or removing from caddy, etc.

It extend several CRM entities like Product, Sales Order and add new custom entities as Products categories, Gateways, Payment, Taxes to build a real selling site based on MS CRM data.
Traditional CRM entities as Lead, Contact, Account, Units, Price Level, Currency, Price Level detail, Sales Order Detail, are used to build the selling process.

The Site parameters are extended with dedicated ECommerce values which set the defaul actions and values such as accepted currencies and corresponding price levels, accepted countries for buyers, allowing anonymous users, list of gateways for payment, shipping and security.

Buyers must register to the site and are maintained in a dedicated Addon Nice table (membership format), they are also mapped to a CRM entity Lead, Contact or Account according the parameter set in the Addon Nice dedicated register Page, they are also mapped to a selected CRM SystemUser with a special role to give them acces to CRM info, allowing buyer to access their list of orders and eventually checking its delivery status.

Products are extended with images to be displayed on the web and to support descriptions in several langages according the visitor's browser settings.
The selling site will be composed of various pages which present the products that you want to sell and their princing in the currency selected by the user.
Each page offers three views : products list, selected product details, caddy management.
Pages are totally customisables using templates written as User controls (ascx) text files wich are dynamically loaded according the parameters of the page.
You may freely create your own templates, the only constraint being to respect the base inherance which brings all the Addon Nice ECommerce tools.

Associated to the selling pages are various menus that allow to display them.
Menu are based on a hierachy of categories managed through a dedicated editor: un product could be in several categories and categories supports inherance through their hierachy.
When the user select a Menu, all the related categories are extrcated then The CRM server is queried to find all the corresponding products, when there are too many products for the page limit (set in its parameters) a paging process is used.

The Gateway custom entity allows managing the payment, Security and delivery companies.
Only several payment gatways are proposed (Paypal, Atos SIPS, Google -TBC-) but it is very easy to developp your own gateway assembly using inherance from the base gateway class and model from the existing code.

Checkout process is totally included, it necessitate that users are logged, if they are not they are sent to the login page before payment.
The total of the order is displayed, the address for billing and shippoing are checked and the available payment gateways are proposed to the user (Defaults payment gateway and list of available gateways are taken from a hierachy from module, page and site).
From this point an Order has been generated in CRM.
If the visitor cancel its order a cancelled order is generated in CRM, when the payment gatway informs of the payment the order is validated, a payment is generated with all the information sent by the payment gateway.
A confirmation email is sent to the buyer using a template from the selling page parameters.
According to parameters a CRM Invoice could be generated from the Sales Order .
All transactions details data are traced in a table of Addon Nice Server to allow debug of any problem related to gateways.
For each order, an informative task could be generated automatically and addressed to a CRM user (owner of the contact/account or dedicated user).

ECommerce's modules list

You need to build Addon Nice Server and the Imagine CRM solution before building this solution.
You need to install Addon Nice Server 1.0 then Imagine CRM before installing the @Commerce Package

Any person interested should contact me directly.
You may have an idea of Addon Nice Server with Imagine CRM and ECommerce on or

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